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Find a complete directory of Zeagle Dry Suits as well as associated scuba equipment.
  Expedition GS
Heavy-Duty Trilaminate Suits- available in both front and rear entry models
About the GS material:
Zeagle’s GS (GatorSkin) Trilaminate is incredibly rugged, yet supple, light in weight, easy to wear, and quick drying. A layer of Butyl rubber is sandwiched between an inner polyester layer and an extremely durable outer layer of nylon/polyester, creating a composite that is more abrasion resistant than standard nylon trilaminates and has been proven in many years of commercial and military use. All seams are double taped by hand.
Expedition GS Features
Insulated collar over latex neckseal keeps neck area warm
Swiveling inlet valve
Standard 8-tpi BDM zipper with protective zipper guard
Reflective patches on sleeves
Front Entry GS suits have a flat zippered pocket on the right thigh and a large cargo pocket on the left thigh.
Double layer material on lower leg and knee.
Durable boots can be ordered to fit.
Heavy duty latex seals standard on Men's suits, standard latex on women's suits.
Suspenders are standard on Front Entry suits
Automatic exhaust valve
Standard color is black, blue or orange available
  Zeagle Quad Laminate
A heavy-duty suit for professional level use
The Quad Laminate suit is available in both Front Entry and Shoulder Entry models.
About the Quad Laminate material:
Zeagle’s Quad Laminate suit has two layers of high tenacity nylon with a butyl rubber inner ply and is coated on the exterior with a heavy layer of a polychloroprene based compound. This results in a material with exceptional resistance to gas, most acids, diesel fuels, biological contaminants, and most chemicals, It is also flame resistant and less affected by sunlight, UV, or ozone than traditional rubber suits.
Zeagle’s Quad Laminate drysuits are primarily used in professional diving situations where the need for “decontaminating” the suit after exposure to biological or hazardous wastes exits.
Quad Laminate Features
Automatic exhaust valve
Heavy duty BDM 6 TPI zipper
Swiveling inlet valve
Heavy duty cuffs
Polychloroprene Exterior
Zipper guard (on front entry suits only)
Durable boots can be ordered to size
Suspenders are standard on Front Entry suits
Standard color is black
Special Order Colors: Blue/Black and Yellow/Black
  Zeagle Drysuit Underwear
Flexibility and comfort are key
We’re big believers in comfort in diving. And one of the biggest factors in being comfortable underwater is staying warm without restricting your mobility. Drysuit divewear doesn’t get any more comfortable than this four way stretch 14 oz polyester fleece material. This is NOT the same material used to make inexpensive fleece jackets. It has tremendous stretch and provides almost completely unrestricted motion– far more freedom than standard fleece, pile, or Thinsulate® materials. It will wick moisture away from your body to keep you dry despite condensation inside your suit. The multi piece design gives you the ability to layer undergarments to suit the temperature and your comfort level, with the most insulation around the torso and less restriction around the arms and legs.
And while it’s unbeatable for wearing under your drysuit, it fits and feels great out of the water as well.
Sizes XS, SM, MD, LG, XL, XXL
Black only
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