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Find a complete directory of Zeagle buoyancy compensators, backplates as well as associated scuba equipment.
  Ranger LTD
The Ranger BC— An Ultimate Package for the Ultimate BC
The Ranger adds even more advantages to a great BC system.
The Ranger was the first BC to combine high quality heavy duty construction, weight integration, and rear flotation. It's introduction created a new category of buoyancy systems, and it is without doubt the most imitated BC in history! But it's the Ranger's incredible versatility that keeps knowledgeable divers recommending it year after year. Zeagle's modular construction allows the Ranger to transition between tropical travel diving, rugged cold water diving in wet or dry suits, single or twin cylinders, and even (with optional bladder assemblies having up to 2 X 85-LB lift and easily mounted backplates) technical diving!
No other BC has such a loyal following and such a solid reputation for functionality, comfort, and durability. The Ranger Limited has all the features of the legendary Ranger BC, PLUS many innovative additions that make it even more functional and versatile!
If you are a diver who wants a rugged recreational buoyancy system, but also want one that can adapt and change to meet different diving needs, the Ranger is a system you won't outgrow.
Reinforced, secure and extremly flexible!
The Tech BC— A Heavy-Duty System That Can Do it All
The Tech BC is at home in Recreational diving or in challenging environments like wreck diving or Tech diving.
Constructed of heavily reinforced 1050 denier ballistic nylon, the Tech BC is comfortable, balanced, and secure. The Tech has a twin buckle front closure rather than a cummerbund, many divers feel the buckles are quicker to adjust when using heavy gear and thick suits. The Tech BC comes standard with a 65-LB lift bladder for supporting heavier gear, larger divers, or twin cylinders. Standard 11" Grommets allow the mounting of twin cylinders via standard or mini backplates, eight Stainless Steel D-rings and two zippered utility pockets provide plenty of options for carrying gear.
Zeagle's modular construction allows the Tech to transition between many different types of diving, single or twin cylinders, and recreational or technical, or professional diving environments. Optional bladder assemblies having as much as two 85-LB lift air cells can be easily mounted.
The Tech is very popular among divers who want a rugged buoyancy system that can take on the most challenging environments.
Color: Black only

    Backplate Systems- Deluxe Harness
Select a Bladder and Weight System for a Custom BC
Many divers have come to appreciate the ruggedness, simplicity, and stability of metal backplates in a buoyancy system. Now you can have a range of backplate buoyancy options that take full advantage of Zeagle’s flexible sizing and wide range of bladder options.
Zeagle’s backplate systems come with a choice of standard webbing or deluxe harness styles, and can use any of Zeagle’s existing single or twin tank bladder assemblies, ranging from a streamlined 34 lbs lift all the way up to the dual 85 lb bladder “Big Bertha”. Combined with the options for single or twin tank mounting, crotch straps, shoulder pads, and other accessories, this means you can have a custom configured BC system for the price of a stock BC!
For the technically minded, the backplate has mounting provisions for other accessories such as lights and sling bottles, and scooter rings on the crotch straps.
Standard Features:
Single tank bands included
Four Stainless D-rings
Can be used with any Zeagle single or twin tank bladder systems
Bladder lift capacities from 34 lb to 2 X 85 lb!
Extended slot on plate makes aligning dual cylinder systems a snap!
Optional Ripcord or Zip-Touch weight systems
Two tank straps for security
Accepts most standard Zeagle BC accessories
Zeagle Quality and guarantee
    Concept II
The Concept II Pro– Exceptional Adjustability and Comfort.
The Concept II Buoyancy System breaks new ground when it comes to versatility, comfort, and custom sizing options. Zeagle’s Patented PFS II System makes it possible for the Concept II to be configured for many different types of diving and many different divers. The modular design of the Concept ll allows your Zeagle dealer to custom build a system exactly sized to fit your body and exactly suited to your needs. The US Navy uses the Concept II system to carry advanced rebreathers that need to be quickly and easily sized for different divers.
The Concept II Pro features a Ripcord weight system, twin rear trim weight pouches, lumbar pad, and a 44 lb capacity pleated hand sewn double layer bladder assembly with an internal elastic retractor. The Concept II Pro is ideal for the diver who wants a rugged and versatile buoyancy system with a Ripcord weight release, but does not plan to use twin tanks. Your Zeagle dealer can help you to select the options that are right for your particular style of diving.
Standard Features:
44-LB lift capacity bladder
PFS II Modular Sizing
1000 Denier Cordura nylon construction
Integral Lumbar Pad
Adjustable elastic waist panels
4 Stainless D-rings
Adjustable Sternum Strap
30-LB capacity Ripcord weight system
20-LB Capacity rear mount weight system
5 Trim Colors available on shoulders
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