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Spear fishing is an art all in itself. This exciting sport is enhanced through shipwrecks because wrecks attract such a wealth of aquatic life. Spear fishing on a shipwreck is an exciting change to open water diving or spearing under bridges. Although I make no claim to be a world class spear fisherman. I have always found it quite easy to bring home dinner while exploring the sunken remains of ships. In the New York, New Jersey area blackfish are the prized catch. These tasty fish with pure white meat are very difficult to catch on hook and line. Fisherman are more then happy catching fish in the two to four pound class, but divers are a little more spoiled. In fact its been about four years since I've taken a fish under five pounds. The normal catch is one big fish ten to 12 pounds. We leave the little ones to grow up and eat the bait of local fisherman. In 1988, Bill Campbell dove the wreck of the Yankee, a coastwise steamer sunk in 1919, and brought up an 18 pound blackfish. Although this is not quite a record fish, it is the largest specimen of this species I have ever seen and is certainly impressive especially after hearing the story behind its capture. First of all, Bill didn't even have a spear gun; he was just looking around for lobsters when he found the huge fish amongst some wreckage. Bill took out his dive knife and stabbed the fish, trying to hold it against the sand bottom so it couldn't escape. The fish was so strong that it yanked the knife right out of Bill's hands, and swam away with the knife still in its side. Bill swam after the fish and soon found his knife sitting in the sand. He was amazed that he could actually see a blood trail floating just off the bottom. After imitating a blood hound for a few minutes, he relocated his prized fish wedged between two steel hull plates. A photograph of Bill and his fish appeared in the next issue of the LONG ISLAND FISHERMAN Magazine.

In other areas of the world divers tell similar stories of course the type of fish is different but the excitement and rewards for spear fishing on shipwrecks is always the same, great.

A few basic rules to follow are never spear in limited visibility when other divers are in the area. The line on a gun should be no longer then one half the visibility. Caribbean divers who are use to 100 feet plus visibility may laugh at this rule but let them experience four feet of visibility with the knowledge that somebody is spear fishing with six feet of line. Its quite uncomfortable. Move very slowly so as not to spoke your prey, or stay motionless and let the fish come to you. I good friend of mine Jim D'Alessio was always very good at this. I use to watch him sit in side a tug boat wreck with his spear aimed out a port. When a big fish came by Jim shot it pulled it in and reloaded. My rule is to never take more fish then your going to eat.



Spearfishing on Shipwrecks


JBL Enterprises Spearguns  Spearfishing offers an ecological way to fish. By using a speargun instead of the normal pole and tackle, you can catch the fish you want without harming other wildlife in the area.

JBL spearfishing equipment is effective and made of quality materials. JBL Enterprises Inc. has been making spearfishing equipment for over 24 years. We manufacture all of the parts in the United States and assemble the spearguns at our factory in Orange, California. All JBL spearguns come with a 1 year warranty



RIFFE INTERNATIONAL / Spearguns  The RIFFE speargun has been used for many years by blue water and bottom hunters with outstanding results. Designed to be the most advanced rubber powered speargun on the market today. We offer 4 series of spearguns


FreediveList FAQ - Spearguns 

No single piece of spearfishing equipment generates more discussion than the speargun. Some of the most common questions on the Freedive List follow:

  • What are the different types of spearguns?
  • What is a tree trunk?
  • What is a pea shooter?
  • I'm new to spearfishing, what kind of speargun should I get?

What are the different types of spearguns?

Spearguns are platforms for storing energy to propell a spear at high speed. Historically, storing energy has taken one of three methods



Cressi Sub Comanche 90 Rubber Sling Gun - Cressi Sub Spearguns

OMER, JBL, Mares & Riffe Spearguns

Cressi-Sub Comanche 90 Rubber Sling Gun Cressis popular Blue Water gun. Handle with 4 line releases, one below trigger. Synthetic rubber butt, Hydrodynamic muzzle in perfect alignment










The book covers different aspects of freediving and scuba spearfishing. As usual, it contains a section about spearfishing and freediving gear, accessories as well as a little history. It includes also some uncommon information, like oil platforms diving.
However the main strength of the book are the chapters about the fish species, spearfishing techniques and about maximizing the freediving abilities. There are whole chapters about types of fish and about where to find them - these give quite a lot of information about main game fish, their range of presence and habits. Particularly, I like two chapters about developing the spearfishing technique and about maximizing the freediving abilities. It says a lot about main threats of the sport, how to avoid them, explains the basics of the freediving physiology and points out several tips useful in making the spearfishing activities safe and pleasant. Everyone can also learn also about staying fit for freediving.
The book also treats about the ecology, security and ethical aspects of the spearfishing sport.

I like the small format of the book, you can easily take it with you on the fishing trip. The drawing's quality is good, but on the other side almost all of the photos are far too dark and you can't see much on some of them. Several pages and the cover got partially apart before finishing the first reading...

So, generally the book gives a lot of information and many answers, including the ones I couldn't find in other spearfishing titles for beginners. I recommend the book to every newcomer to spearfishing, if you just want to get only one title to learn about the sport - go for it. You will probably have to buy several books to learn about whole spectrum of issues, but this book in my opinion is perfect to start with. I think it is worth buying, it will be useful for more advanced sportsmen and on beginner's level - as the book is addressed to - it is a complete, five stars title.


The Art of Spearfishing allows you to experience the union of the diver with the spirit of the ocean. Filmed in South Florida and the Florida Keys, this pure underwater adventure depicts the beauty of our last great frontier. Most freedive footage was filmed by freediving cameramen! Experts demonstrate how they locate, stalk and take their prey. 30 mins.    
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