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The Drumelizer Shipwreck  New York and New Jersey's (Wreck Valley)
Historical and current New York and New Jersey Shipwreck Information and images for scuba divers and fisherman.

The Drumelzier, a British freight steamship, was built by Chadwick and Sons back in 1895. Owned and operated by Astral Shipping Company of Liverpool, the single funneled vessel was 340 feet long, had a 44.7 foot beam, was powered by 303 nhp triple expansion engines, and displaced 3,625 tons.

On December 26, 1904,while steaming from New York to Sawansea, the Drumelzier ran aground on Fire Island Bar. Attempts were made to tow her off, but they all failed. On December28, while all but 15 crew members were brought ashore by the tug, Catherine Moran, a violent gale began. Later that day, with the wind still increasing, the Drumelzier began to break up. The 15 remaining crew managed to get a lifeboat launched and were pulled to shore by the lifesavers. By daybreak, the Drumelzier and her cargo of copper, steel, oil, pig lead, and one fancy automobile were sitting on the sandy bottom.

Today, the Drumelzier has worked its way inshore and is partly visible from the beach at Robert Moses State Park. She now sits in 15 to 20 feet of water with her bow facing east. This wreck is also known as, Quadrant Wreck and Fire Island Wreck.

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