The OMS Buoyancy Compensator Guide 
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  OMS Buoyancy 1. DUAL BLADDER: Inflator hoses and Dump valves are interchangeable for a variety of unique hose configurations. The dual bladder model features a total of four (4) pull dump valves located:
a. Diver's Side bladder: lower left and top right
b. Tank Side bladder: lower right and top left (see figure at right)
c. Colors: Black or Red
2. SINGLE BLADDER: The single bladder model has two (2) relief valves located: divers' right shoulder and divers' lower left. Inflator hoses and Dump valves are interchangeable Colors: Black or Red (45 lb. Black only)
3. POWER DEFLATION / ORAL INFLATION: The unique electrometric bands (use is optional) assist in deflation, but still allow the diver to orally inflate the BC.
4. ELIMINATION OF AIR SHIFT: The OMS electrometric bands evenly compress the BC, eliminating the massive airshift associated with non-banded BCs that typically occurs when changing body plane.
5. LOW DRAG / LOW SNAG: The OMS bands typically retract the BC to a width less than the divers shoulders, greatly reducing Drag and Snag potential. (Results confirmed by Dive Lab)
6. TRIM ADJUSTABILITY: By adding or eliminating bands in different parts of the BC, the diver can adjust: a) lateral trim to compensate for stage bottles, cameras, etc. b) Horizontal trim e.g. head up, down or level
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