The Mares Scuba and skin diving Mask Guide 
Find a complete source of Mares Masks and related scuba equipment.
  X Vision Mask
Brand new design and innovative technical solutions. X-vision offers a field of vision never before thought possible, with no restrictions. The optimally angled windows are designed to mesh perfectly with the central position of the eyes to provide the widest possible viewing angle in every direction. The ergonomic quick adjusting buckles, positioned directly on the skirt, make for increased comfort and hydrodynamics during the dive. In addition, this technical solution makes it easier to store the mask inside a pocket of the BC. Low internal volume and very light weight: only 190 gr. A full array of corrective lenses is available to adapt the mask to your personal visual needs
  Pure Vision Mask
Modern design and cutting-edge technical solutions. Superior field of vision thanks to the special shape of the lens, the reduced internal volume, and the central position of the eyes. Quick-adjusting buckles positioned on the skirt. Extremely comfortable skirt, made of soft, hypoallergenic liquid silicone
  X Stream mask
An all-new shape, with optimally angled windows set close to the eyes for an exceptionally wide field of vision in a compact, lightweight mask. Soft silicone skirt for maximum adherence to the face. Ergonomic quick-adjusting buckles, positioned directly on the skirt, for superior comfort and improved hydrodynamics during the dive. The windows are symmetrical and available with corrective lenses.
  Opera Mask
A unique, appealing, and elegant look for a beautiful and exclusive mask that's perfect for every kind of use. The ergonomically shaped hypoallergenic silicone skirt adapts to fit any type of face. Symmetrical lenses simplify the ability to customize the mask with corrective lenses, available in a complete range from -1 to -10 diopter
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Scuba Equipment 

Deco Computer
Dive knife
Dive Lights
Dive reels
Double Bands 
Dry Gloves
Jon Line Clip,
Log Books 
Pony Bracket
Bracket #2
Scuba watch
Wet suits
Dry suit
Spear guns 
Speedy Stage 
Nitrox Diving
Lift Bags
U/W cutting
Training Agencies
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