The Mares Buoyancy Compensator Guide 
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The Dragonfly Ariel This BC revolutionizes the traditional structure of the BC. Comfort, performance and stability are integrated into the Dragonfly buoyancy bag, with its swivel buckles, BPS padding (Back Protection System) and QAS system cummerbund, allowing easy and precise adjustment. The MRS system is standard, and is completed by a pair of rear pockets that house the fixed weights (Trim weights). The special look and streamline cut complete a BC designed especially to meet the needs of the female consumer.
  HUB An evolution in the H.U.B. system for the most demanding divers. Innovative materials and exclusive accessories to make your dives even easier and safer.
Proton Ice second stage, Proton Octopus, BC with Dragonfly cut Combines the advantages of back-mounted BCs with those of the traditional design. Perfect balance in any diving conditions. Integrated MRS (Mechanical Release System), patented. Oral inflator stowed in a dedicated compartment for ease of use. Accessory pocket inside the instrument compartment. Buoyancy bag made of DuPont Cordura® 1000 denier . Quick-release chest buckle. Rear compartments for the "Trim weights" . Stainless steel rings. A carrying bag, made from a special semi-foam material for maximum protection, is included with the product
  VECTOR One of the best BCs in the world. A Mares classic, now revolutionized with the Airtrim® system.  Twin Exhaust Valve System . MRS (optional) . Trim Weights. QAS (Quick Adjust System) . Two rear quick dump/over-expansion relief valves. 3-D Utility Pockets. Oral Inflator . BPS (Back Protection System) . Materials: Cordura® 1000 exterior/420 nylon interior. AISI 304 Stainless steel rings with bend
  Aeris This BC is especially designed for the female body, and features the Dragonfly for increased lift and perfect buoyancy.

Ergo Inflator. Two rear quick dump/over-expansion relief valves . QAS (Quick Adjust System). Two pockets with zip closure. MRS. Trim Weights. Materials: Cordura® Duroskin exterior/420 nylon interior
AISI 304 Stainless steel rings with bend

  Airlock Cam  The patented Mares Airlock allows you to fasten the HUB to the tank with very little effort, thanks to a simple control that triggers a pneumatic system. A check valve and an automatic mechanical clamping system ensures a stable and secure connection.
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