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scuba regulator are made up of two parts: the first stage, which is attached to the tank, and the second stage, which goes in your mouth. The first stage has a series of ports for accessory hoses. At least one of these will be a high pressure port for the submersible pressure gauge.The other ports are low pressure ports; they deliver air at a pressure of about 140 (psi). Scuba regulator can be piston or diaphragm and balanced or non-balanced. Balanced regulators perform uniformly regardless of tank pressure, or depth. Some regulators have an adjustable second stage. This enables you to "fine tune" the amount of breathing resistance. Be sure to compare all design features and function comparisons before deciding which model fits your scuba diving requirements.

Scuba regulators are available from every major manufacturer. Below you will find links so a comparison of design and features can be made prior to purchase.

  OMS Regulators
The unbalanced regulator has been the workhorse of the industry for years. Why? Its rugged, simplistic, dependable, low cost design lends itself for use as a primary, recreational, technical or DECO regulator. This Oxygen Clean regulator in fact was utilized by the National Park Service as a primary SCUBA regulator in its 190+ foot dive to the B-29 bomber in Lake Mead! This regulator now comes standard with (1) frosted (1) Black (1) green (Oxygen) and (1) Yellow cover. Also available as an octopus.
Dive Rite Regulators
The RG2500 Regulator system has proven itself in all environments, from the wrecks of the Great Lakes, the caves of Florida, to the frigid waters beneath the Antarctic ice. After hours of design and testing, the RG2500 sets a new standard for high performance regulators today. The pneumatically balanced design of the second stage makes it a superior performer at depth. It can be fine tuned to your breathing needs with a simple turn of the knob. Internal parts are Teflon™ coated for cold water diving and an environmental kit can be added for freezing conditions.The balanced diaphragm first stage will deliver more gas than a diver can ask for-You can't out breathe this combination! All Dive Rite regulators and valve components utilize oxygen compatible lubricants and Viton® O-rings. All Dive Rite Regulators feature a Limited Lifetime Warranty and two year service program
  Mares Regulators
Simple, sturdy, and reliable, with outstanding performance.
  Scubapro Regulators
ScubaPro Regulators The ultimate first stage associated with an ultra performing second stage. The first stage is machined from a solid block of titanium for incomparable mechanical and corrosion resistance and for extra low weight. It is a regulator for a lifetime. For extra demanding divers that ask for an exclusive regulator
  Apollo Regulators
Apollo's regulator series has been completely re-designed to increase performance, reduce weight, and lower annual service cost. High tensile aluminum housings are used to streamline design and reduce weight. Internal changes will significantly lower the cost of annual service. Our stainless steel mesh filter can now be cleaned rather than replaced annually. The new bucket shape replaces a typical flat filter for optimum airflow. The new long-wearing polyurethane seat is exclusive to Apollo and has a 3-year warranty! Also exclusive to Apollo is a revolutionary new Hydro-carbon plating used on all 1st and 2nd stage metal parts to repel water and debris virtually eliminating corrosion and bacterial formation
  Zeagle Regulators
Zeagle produces some of the best performing and most reliable regulators made anywhere, as confirmed by independent laboratory testing and by thousands of divers in the most demanding environments in the world. In fact, in recent testing conducted for Rodale's Scuba Diving the Envoy and Envoy Deluxe were the only regulators in their respective price classes to earn perfect scores in both breathing simulator and in-water tests! No regulator scored higher, regardless of price!
    Aqualung Regulators
The Legend regulator series incorporates a proprietary over-balanced diaphragm first stage design coupled with a high performance balanced second stage. The over-balanced first stage achieves unprecedented performance by increasing your air supply the deeper you go. The balanced adjustable second stage reduces breathing resistance to near zero with a lightweight balanced valve seat designed to respond instantaneously to the slightest inhalation. The Legend regulator series is the best performing regulator Aqua Lung has ever offered. Legendary performance from Aqua Lung: a tradition for 60 years
  Oceanic Regulators
Oceanic Regulators
Even with the best laid dive plans, there are times you encounter conditions beyond your control. The Delta 4 is one hot new regulator ready to take on all challengers with improved performance, new features, improved styling, and the new FDX-10 First Stage featuring our exclusive Dry Valve Technology (DVT) or our compact CDX-5 Balanced Diaphragm.
Diver adjustable inhalation effort
Patented Dynamic Adjustment automatically maintains inhalation effort throughout the dive


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