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UWATEC is an equipment manufacturer specializing in dive computers.In the 1980s Uwatec introduced the first Aladin Pro dive computer. This computer was one of the earliest dive computers that allowed divers to take advantage of multi level diving, to maximise bottom times.

Since that introduction, major improvements to the Aladin Pro have included the inclusion of formula for enriched air (or Nitrox) and the development of the Bühlmann ZH L-8 ADT algorithm (the mathematical model that is part of the computer's software).

Adapting to Actual Diver Behavior

The Bühlmann adaptive algorithm can modify the diver's decompression schedule according to the diver's actual diving circumstance. Examples include situations where the diver is diving in extremely cold water or has ignored the optimum ascent rate. In these circumstances the Aladin will adapt or modify the decompression schedule and the diver may be asked to complete an additional decompression stop.

In addition to the introduction of Nitrox computers and the adaptive model, Uwatec introduced in the mid 1990s a range of air integrated and hoseless dive computers. Now, the inclusion of the patented air integration feature meant the computers could modify the decompression schedule according to workload. For example, if the computer detects that the diver is breathing heavily at depth, the model considers that the diver is actually "in gassing" additional nitrogen. Again, the computer will ask the diver to consider a short decompression stop to allow the diver to reduce the risk of decompression illness.

Only the Uwatec Range of Air Integrated dive computers warns a diver both with a visual display (the lung symbol) and an audible alarm, if the diver is working too hard and therefore ingassing additional Nitrogen.

Announcing Uwatec Smart Dive Computers

In 2002 Scubapro Uwatec announces another major addition to the Uwatec range of dive computers with the Smart PRO and the Smart COM. These computers include new features such as the display of the ambient temperature and infrared transmission of the dive data to a personal computer for post dive analysis with Uwatec SmartTrak software. The Smart Pro and Smart Com have display screens that are 35% bigger than the previous generation of computers, already well recognized for their easy to read graphics.

These two new computers are also a major step forward in the technology of diving. The most important enhancement is to the algorithm in these new products, which helps the diver dive in a manner that minimises the long term effects that can occur as a result of diving. To understand how Uwatec Smart Dive Computers work to reduce long term diving symptoms we must first understand microbubbles, how they are measured, their effects and how they can be eliminated.

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