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  OMS Regulators
The unbalanced regulator has been the workhorse of the industry for years. Why? Its rugged, simplistic, dependable, low cost design lends itself for use as a primary, recreational, technical or DECO regulator. This Oxygen Clean regulator in fact was utilized by the National Park Service as a primary SCUBA regulator in its 190+ foot dive to the B-29 bomber in Lake Mead! This regulator now comes standard with (1) frosted (1) Black (1) green (Oxygen) and (1) Yellow cover. Also available as an octopus.
Inflator hoses and Dump valves are interchangeable for a variety of unique hose configurations. The dual bladder model features a total of four (4) pull dump valves located:
a.    Diver's Side bladder: lower left and top right
b.    Tank Side bladder: lower right and top left     (see figure at right)
c.    Colors:
Black or
  OMS Fins
The OMS Thrust fin is specifically engineered to fit dry suit boots and for 2005 has been re-engineered with a new distortion resistant Monoprene blade with higher durometer for significantly increased propulsion. OMS Spring heel straps come in sizes S, M, L, and XL to insure proper fit and help eliminate excessive coil expansion and entanglements! The springs expand and contract to automatically adjust and compensate for expansion and compression of the divers dry suit boot. The 4.5 Achilles rubber pad provides unprecedented comfort in the heel area and aids in donning and doffing of the fin
  OMS Masks
Fit and field of view are the most important considerations when selecting a mask. The OMS ICU  line of masks have been designed to fit most faces and fit them superbly. You will find that if you tilt your head back and place any of the OMS ICU  masks on your face, that the weight of the mask, when you gently inhale through your nose, will allow an even seal. After you try your mask on determine your field of view by locating objects from the peripheral areas of the mask. You will find that the ICU  masks are superbly engineered to provide the necessary field of view to read your gauges, and locate essential equipment.
  OMS Dive Knife and Cutting Tools
The OMS pure Titanium knife has a high visibility, easy to grip orange handle (4" long), incorporates a sharp 3.25" serrated and standard cutting blade, requires absolutely no corrosion maintenance, is very light weight and non magnetic. The slots located in the high impact plastic sheath can be utilized for mounting on webbing.

This knife is the ideal solution for Special ops where a non-magnetic cutting tool is mandatory.

  OMS Lift Bags
  OMS Lights
The new OMS Phantom two part dive light has a completely redesigned Ultra Compact, mil spec hard coat anodized head with a new captured O-Ring assembly in the lens area and (4) titanium screws to hold down the bezel. The light head can be held in your hand or you can affix the optional Goodman Handle (Fig. 1) or mount to a helmet.
   OMS Dive Reels
The ergonomically designed winding knob prevents hand fatigue and the flat profile lock down nut assembly
  OMS Scuba Cylinders
OMS is the Company that listens to its customers. Over the years our diver base has overwhelming indicated a preference for high pressure/high volume cylinders of the same capacity as the OMS low pressure cylinders, coupled with the superior abrasion and corrosion resistance of a Hot Dipped Galvanized cylinder . 


Based in Montgomery NY. and founded in 1991, Ocean Management Systems Inc., commonly known as OMS ( is revolutionizing the future of sport and technical diving through the implementation of today's most advanced technology. The company is leading the dive industry with innovative life support, computer and analytical products that greatly enhance the diver's situational awareness and safety during every phase of dive. OMS Inc. has built its core business, around neutrally buoyant steel cylinders, patented BC's and backplate harness systems. These and other OMS products are typically known throughout the dive industry for their innovative design, and robustness.

Current development programs include a new upstream regulator, redesigned high efficiency lighting systems and a fully closed circuit rebreather. "We will continue to expand our core sport and technical SCUBA equipment line as well as our industrial and medical systems product line.

Ocean Management Systems, Inc.  P.O. Box 146      Montgomery, NY 12549      USA

Phone: (845) 692-3600    Fax: (845) 692-3623


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