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Dive Rite Buoyancy Compensators (Wings)
The TransPac is the most innovative and versatile diving harness on the market. It is designed and tested to meet the most rugged diving conditions while maintaining absolute comfort. The TransPac is completely modular so not only can it be customized to fit any body type, but each piece can be replaced.

From comfortably cruising shallow reefs to penetrating deep wrecks and caves the TransPac is the original, made in the USA, BC harness that can be readily switched from single tanks to doubles, or even used with side-mounted tanks. Standard features include shoulder, waist and back plate D-rings, stainless waist belt buckle, dual shoulder releases and our exclusive dual cast stainless tank cam strap buckles. Combine the TransPac with one of our many aircells and you have a BC system that is built exactly the way you want it. The TransWeight system and other accessories can be easily mounted on the 2-inch waist belt. Optional crotch straps can increase the stability of the harness.
Dive Rite Regulators
The RG2500 Regulator system has proven itself in all environments, from the wrecks of the Great Lakes, the caves of Florida, to the frigid waters beneath the Antarctic ice. After hours of design and testing, the RG2500 sets a new standard for high performance regulators today. The pneumatically balanced design of the second stage makes it a superior performer at depth. It can be fine tuned to your breathing needs with a simple turn of the knob. Internal parts are Teflon™ coated for cold water diving and an environmental kit can be added for freezing conditions.The balanced diaphragm first stage will deliver more gas than a diver can ask for-You can't out breathe this combination! All Dive Rite regulators and valve components utilize oxygen compatible lubricants and Viton® O-rings. All Dive Rite Regulators feature a Limited Lifetime Warranty and two year service program

  Dive RiteReels
Dive Rite makes a variety of reels for wreck and cave diving applications. Divers typically use the Primary Reel as their main navigation reel; it has many other potential uses as well. Available with optional drag feature and either

  Dive Rite computers
Dive Rite makes a variety of decompression computers for air, nitrox as well as tri mix diving.
Dive Rite Lift Bags
Dive Rite offers 50- and 100-pound lift bags in your choice of Safety Orange or Neon Yellow colors. The bags have an integral dump valve, accessed by a convenient pull cord, that can be used to control ascent rate.
  Dive Rite Lights
For over 20 years Dive Rite has been the leader in lighting technology offering you a complete line of rugged powerful lighting systems

No stuffy board room antics played out by guys in ties sporting the newest wing tips, its just not how we work. Our decisions are made where it really counts, in the water. Not only that, they are made by a team of dedicated divers who log well over a 100 dives a year in every type of scenario possible. In the caves, in the rivers, in the oceans and even under the ice, we dive and we love it. And it’s our love for the sport that gives us the unparalleled ability to provide you with the very best of gear. Gear made to take you wherever you want to go. If you’re serious about diving, get to know the team who is equally committed to helping make your ambitions a reality.

Dive Rite knows it’s those little things that make the big difference...

When it comes to dive gear, no truer words could be spoken. Divers know that — all divers know that. That’s why when you call Dive Rite you speak with divers, active divers, divers who can understand what it is you need and want. We know how important your gear is to you and we’re here to help. Our Dive Rite staff helps design, modify, sell and service every piece of gear we put out, from start to finish. That makes a difference, a big difference and it’s that attention to detail that separates us from the rest.

Dive Rite knows that making great gear isn’t enough, that’s why every Dive Rite product is backed by one of the industries most serious warranties. Combine that with a knowledgeable and caring staff and it’s no wonder we get such rave reviews on our customer service. Great gear and great service it’s the perfect combination. Our specific warranty requirements appear either in the owner’s manuals or in the product information that accompanies most items but there are several other things you should keep in mind.

•Items must be purchased from an authorized dealer. Otherwise, there is no way we can guarantee that what you buy is a genuine Dive Rite item, that it has not been used and that original parts have not been replaced with lower quality substitutes.

•For items such as BC’s, regulators, dive computers and lighting systems, you must register your warranty by either sending in the warranty card or by registering on line, through Dive Rite’s website.

•You will also need to provide us with a copy of your original sales receipt, showing date of purchase and dealer name.

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