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Find a complete directory of Apollo scuba equipment for recreational as well as tech diving adventurers.
  Apollo Dry Suits
A drysuit creates a closed environment. Sealing off waters access at neck, wrist, ankle, and seams substantially reduces the amount of material necessary for warmth. Thicker neoprene is unecessary, harder to move in and requires you to wear more weight when diving. Apollo utilizes microcell rather than crushed neoprene for the ultimate in comfort, flexibility, and warmth.

Custom Style Fit
Size it right! Extra length in the arms and legs will help increase the life of your seams. Actual boot size is provided in centimeters below. You can measure your foot to determine the best size; allow space for any socks or additional footwear if applicable. The approximate equivalent in standard US Men's shoe size is noted in parentheses:
  Apollo Regulators
Apollo's regulator series has been completely re-designed to increase performance, reduce weight, and lower annual service cost. High tensile aluminum housings are used to streamline design and reduce weight. Internal changes will significantly lower the cost of annual service. Our stainless steel mesh filter can now be cleaned rather than replaced annually. The new bucket shape replaces a typical flat filter for optimum airflow. The new long-wearing polyurethane seat is exclusive to Apollo and has a 3-year warranty! Also exclusive to Apollo is a revolutionary new Hydro-carbon plating used on all 1st and 2nd stage metal parts to repel water and debris virtually eliminating corrosion and bacterial formation
  Apollo Masks
Whether diving or snorkeling, your mask is one of the most important pieces of equipment you own. Apollo masks include our soft surgical grade silicone skirt. The skirt is designed to collapse accordion style, creating a better seal and eliminating stress points on delicate facial skin. Integrated drainage channels in the skirt allow hands-free clearing by simply looking up and exhailing through your nose. All our masks are designed to provide the optimum in comfort and field of vision
  Apollo Fins
Not all split fins are equal. Apollo was the first to visualize and introduce the split fin technology to the diving public. There are now more than a dozen alternative split fins on the market. Look closely before you decide. While some are produced with a plastic rubber compound, the Apollo Bio-Fin series is the only split fin produced with 100% rubber
  Apollo Scooter
The AV-1 scooter allows you to swim like a dolphin and get a new and unique perspective on our underwater world. Navigate the perimeter of a wreck, dive those sites from shore previously unreachable, or visit multiple sites during the same dive. Let the AV-1 expand your underwater horizons
    Apollo Sports USA, Inc. provides sales to the following areas: USA, Canada, Caribbean, Mexico, S. America, and some parts of Western Europe.
For assistance outside of these areas please visit our international web site or e-mail the distributor closest to your location.
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