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Airetec Compressors  From air gun enthusiasts to large fire stations and SCUBA shops, AIRETEX has an ALKIN compressor to meet your needs. Using only the best materials available such as stainless steel valves and cooling coils, the ALKIN product line is designed for durability and easy maintenance. ALKIN compressors also run at a lower RPM for quieter operation and lower operating temperatures that extends the life of our compressors. They are fully factory tested with a one year warranty and all ALKIN compressors meet and exceed GCA G7.1 Grade E and NFPA 1500 air quality requirements.

The ALKIN line of Total Containment Fill Stations can fill multiple tanks at once and are designed to protect operators and customers in the unlikely event of a tank rupture. Total Containment Fill Stations will contain all fragments while allowing the rapidly expanding air to escape.

ALKIN Compressors was founded by a Turkish Engineer Mr. Erol Ciprut in 1970 and is currently operated by Mrs. Jacqueline Ciprut. She along with Production Engineer Mr. Rubi Hayret and a dedicated work force of over 50 employees continue the tradition of building quality compressors. They all take great pride in their work and it shows in the quality of their compressors. We build a compressor that is not only quiet and powerful but one you will be proud to own.

AIRETEX is an importer of the ALKIN high pressure breathing air compressors and fill stations for the fire, SCUBA and paintball markets. We have a limited number of Dealership opportunities available for this excellent line of compressors


American Airworks BoomBox, fil stations, control panels, haskel

Bauer Compressors portable and stationary air compressors, fill stations and components

Brownies Third Lung surface supplied breathing systems

CompAir Mako manufacturer of air compressors and equipment

Global Mfg Corp gas mixing, analyzing and analyzing equipment.

Haskel International Inc pneumatically driven high pressure gas boosters





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