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Capt. Dan and the crew of the Wreck Valley are available for shipwreck and treasure salvage.
Capt. Steve Bielenda with a 2000 pound Anchor recovered from the Black Warrior shipwreck. Two 2000 pound lift bags were used to float the artifact. It took over10 hours to tow the anchor back to the dock.   Wreck Valley crew uses an hydraulic hoist to lift the propeller from the Vallerie E shipwreck aboard.



We used Broco Torches to cut through the wrecks 5" dia propeller shaft. Then three 250 pound Subsalve lift bags sent the artifact to the surface.    
This anchor was salvaged from the Pilot Boat wreck. It was sent to the surface with subsalve lift bags then towed back to the dock.   This propeller was salvaged from the Bronx Queen shipwreck. It took over 35 dives to recover. Divers used everything from hydraulic grinders to broco torches and a 6000 pound lift bag to recover the artifact.
Dan Berg and John Lachenmayer with a brass door frame. This frame was raised with a single 500 pound lift bag and then brought aboard with a block and tackle.   Note that chains were used to rig anchor for lift and towing. Rope would note hold up for a long tow and cable can fail. Photo by Dan Berg
Aaron Hirsh with 2000 pound Subsalve lift bag after artifact surfaced.   Phil Senk with the same lift bag now under tow.
Jamie Arkins and Fred Belise with the Coal Wrecks stem post. These three rudder gudgeons (hinge to vessels rudder) were raised by Capt. Dan Berg and the crew of the Wreck Valley. They used two 2000 pound lift bags and then towed back to port.    

Capt. Dan and the crew of the Wreck Valley are available for shipwreck and treasure salvage. We can recover items ranging from lost gold rings and jewelry to raising sunken boats. We utilize state of the art metal detectors, side scan sonar and Commercial Subsalve Lift Bags. Not only can we find your lost item but we can also raise it! Contact Capt. Dan at the below listed # for a Free price quote!


We offer several Salvage Videos all are VHS 30 min $19.95  Anchor Salvage, Propeller Salvage, and much more. See 6000 pound lift bags, broco torches, hyd saws, etc (Click on video cover for complete video listing)

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