The OMS Dive Knife and Cutting Tool Guide 
Find a complete source of OMS Dive Knives, cutting tools and related scuba equipment.
  The OMS pure Titanium knife has a high visibility, easy to grip orange handle (4" long), incorporates a sharp 3.25" serrated and standard cutting blade, requires absolutely no corrosion maintenance, is very light weight and non magnetic. The slots located in the high impact plastic sheath can be utilized for mounting on webbing.

This knife is the ideal solution for Special ops where a non-magnetic cutting tool is mandatory.

  The OMS Compact Line cutter measures 4.87" in overall length, incorporates a sharp serrated and standard cutting edge and is fabricated from pure non-magnetic Titanium. The supplied pouch allows mounting in a horizontal or vertical position. There is also a mounting hole in the handle that enables the user to tether the cutter to a pouch or harness.

The Titanium compact line cutter is a logical selection when maintenance as well as non magnetic properties are required


  New bright OMS packaging clearly identifies this easy to grip, 8" long handled cable cutter.

This emergency cutter is specially designed to be easy to grip with cold water gloves and mitts, can cut through nasty Spyder Wire, 14/3 electrical cable, and is supplied with a total of (3) blades: 2 stainless and one demo carbon installed in the cutter.

This Tool has a mounting hole in the handle for securing to your pouch or can be inserted into the optional BCA 266 tool pouch (pouch mounts in either a vertical or horizontal position


  At Ocean Management Systems we are passionate about protecting you with the proper tools to get you out of entanglements. Nothing inspires high anxiety more than a nasty entanglement in hard to cut fishing line and/or electrical cable. Without the proper cutting tools a bad entanglement will, at least, ruin your dive; at worst, be a contributing factor to death.

OMS offers high carbon 400 series Stainless Steel safety shears that have opposing blades sharpened to grip and cut the entanglement hazard from both sides. On the contrary hardware store pruning shears may allow the entanglement material to wedge between the blades. The 5 long handles are suitable for use with cold water gloves and mitts.


Like all OMS Cutting tools a hole is molded into (1) of the handle grips to allow tethering to your pouch or harness system. Additionally the optional horizontal or vertical mount BCA266 pouch is suggested for carrying the A-194 and can be belt or shoulder mounted.


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