The Jon Line Decompression Clip
Stainless Steel Construction
By Capt. Dan Berg

The term Jon Line was coined after a diver named Jon Hulburt, who, while doing a dive on the Andrea Doria discovered that decompression hangs in rough water or in a current were made much easier with the use of a short line. That was over twenty years ago. Now, Capt. Dan's  Stainless Jon Line clip makes maintaining depth for deco stops easy. A conventional Jon Line is usually about four to 15 feet long with a spliced loop at each end. One end attaches to the anchor line by passing an end through the loop and pulling it snug on the anchor line. The diver or divers (up to three can use the same line) doing a decompression stop can now hang onto the loose end behind the anchor line. In rough water, when the anchor line moves violently up and down, divers using a Jon Line will not find themselves being lifted from their stop depths, but able to maintain their depth relatively easily. Also a much desired benefit of the line is getting the diver out of the crowd. After completing a stop, the hang depth can be easily moved by making a fist around the anchor line just below the snug end and sliding the snug end up. While stage decompression diving is not recommended by any recreational diving agency, this line will also benefit those doing safety decompression stops.

I was first shown a Jon Line while diving the Coimbra wreck. We had about 14 foot seas on the surface, but with the use of this easy to make tool, our decompression stops were made more tolerable.

The #JLC Jon Line Clip was designed to permit divers to attach a Jon Line to any anchor line with one hand. The #JLC is made of 316 Marine Grade stainless spring steel and will attach any Jon Line and to any anchor line for decompression and safety decompression stops. Designed by Capt. Dan Berg for easy one hand operation. This Product can also be utilized on a strobe light for quick and easy rigging to the anchor line. Suggested Retail $19.95 + P&H.   (Patented 1997)

Jon Line Clip
The #JLC Jon Line Clip was designed to permit divers to securely attach a Jon Line to any anchor line with only one hand. #316 Marine stainless steel.


My friends and I have been researching and exploring shipwrecks for over 30 years. I've authored over a dozen books, hosted the Dive Wreck Valley cable TV series and actively run the charter dive boat Wreck Valley. I created this Jon Line Clip so divers could easily attach any Jon Line to a dive boats anchor quickly, easily and with only one hand.


Capt. Dan Berg

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#JLC  Jon Line Clip $19.95 +P&H


#JLK (Kit JLC +JLW)  Jon Line clip and web Jon Line $25.00

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