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If you're diving in cold water you will need gloves or mits to keep your hands warm.Cold water gloves come in many different styles, short or full gauntlet, thick of thin neoprene and with or without zippers. Basically, mitts are warmer than gloves but you loose a little dexterity. Thicker gloves are warmer but also decrease finger movement. In addition to thermal capabilities gloves also protect your hands from the environment. I the winter I recommend added warm water into your gloves before each dive. This make a huge difference and increases the bearable duration of dives considerably. New dry gloves offer even more warmth but as with many pieces of dive equipment they have both pros and cons. The biggest con is that most dry gloves loose all thermal capabilities if and when they ever leak. Please take a look at the manufacturers of dive gloves listed below.

Heavy Duty Kevlar Gloves
According to Capt. Dan Berg, these are "the best gloves on the market! "What makes them so popular is not only the heavy duty kevlar and aqua sealed seams but the neoprene wrist seal. The wrist seal helps to limit water flow to a divers hands. With the seal in place each time you move your hand you will no longer be pumping warm water out of your glove and sucking back in cold water.  Please note that these gloves run small. You should order one size larger than normal. Two trick of the trade for utilizing these gloves are. 1) Use a little soap of shampoo on the wrist seal. Then just slide your hand in and your ready to go. 2) In very cold water (40 degree) You can start your dive with a little warm water (from thermos) into each glove. Since the wrist seal reduces water flow. The warm water will stay around your hands and make your dive longer and more comfortable. Everyone is different but I can get almost 2 hours out of these gloves in 40 degree water!

"I clean boat bottoms in the San Francisco Bay Area for a living. I'm in the water working probably 1000 hours per year and almost every minute of those 1000 hours I have some sort of tool or other implement in one or both of my hands. So I put a lot of wear and tear on my gloves. Typically, I'll get maybe 3 weeks out of a pair (I usually wear Harvey's or Deep See "kevlar" gloves.) But none of them can compare to the EduraTech gloves you sell. The pair I bought from you in January are just now beginning to wear out. By my way of thinking, that's 400% more durable than the big name "heavy duty" gloves. So keep 'em coming! I show 'em to every diver I can. I think they're great."
Matt Peterson




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