The DIVE RITE Scuba Buoyancy Compensator Guide
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Dive Rite air cells are available in seven different styles supporting various combinations of single and double cylinders. All air cells, with the exception of Travel Wings, work with both the TransPac and TransPlate as well as a traditional backplate/harness. Each air cell incorporates an airtight inner bladder, surrounded by an outer shell constructed of heavy-duty ballistic nylon and an oral/power inflation assembly. Some versions offer redundant inner bladders with separate inflators. Some air cells also include an adjustable/removable gusset-control cord to better control the shape and lift characteristics of the air cell

Backplates are available in aluminum, or polished stainless steel. While aluminum backplates are the most popular with fresh water divers, saltwater divers often prefer stainless backplates due to the fact that they are several pounds more negatively buoyant, which helps offset the additional buoyancy of saltwater.

The TransPac is an innovative and versatile diving harness suitable for the most rugged diving conditions while maintaining absolute comfort. From comfortably cruising reefs, to penetrating wrecks and caves, the completey modular TransPac BC harness can be easily switched from single tanks to doubles, or even used with side-mounted tanks. Standard features include shoulder, waist and back plate D-rings; stainless waist belt buckle; dual shoulder releases; and Dive Rite's exclusive dual stainless cam buckle tank straps. The shoulder and waist D-ring positions are adjustable or can be removed entirely, and additional D-rings added for special needs. The TransWeight system along with a huge selection of pockets and other accessories can be easily mounted on the waist belt. Combine the TransPac with your choice of a wide range of air cells and you have a buoyancy control system that is built exactly the way you want it. Made in the USA, the TransPac harness is backed with the Dive Rite Lifetime Warranty
  The TransPlate harness,
a Dive Rite innovation, is designed specifically for hard backplates. The TransPlate harness utilizes many features and benefits of the TransPac harness for divers who demand comfort and the perfect fit when using a backplate. The TransPlate transforms as quickly and as easily to accommodate everything from single cylinders to doubles with stage and deco bottles
  The TransWeight integrated weight system
Consists of two weight pockets and two holsters. The system is a set of left and right pockets which install easily on the TransPac's or TransPlate's 2.0-inch waist strap webbing. The pockets are angled forward, allowing you to quickly load the holsters containing the weights. Simply slide the holster into the pocket and pat down the VELCRO closures. By having the pockets load from the top rather than the front or the bottom, the Dive Rite system is both easy to ditch or hand off yet stays securely in place. Improved in Spring of 2005 to add a grommet on bottom for rapid drainage and an optional use 1-inch slide release

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