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It is essential for all divers to wear at least one dive knife, and it is also highly recommended to have a back up knife. Almost any manufacturer's knives will do, but bear in mind that you get what you pay for. The first choice is what blade alloy to buy. Stainless steel varies greatly in its strength, durability and rust inhibiting factors. For example, 304 series stainless offers excellent resistance to rust but needs sharpening often and should not be used for  prying. 420 series stainless contains less chrome and is less resistant to rust. This alloy is very tough and holds its edge longer then the 304 series. 440series stainless is a high carbon alloy. Blades made of this alloy will stay sharp for quite awhile. The down side is that the blade will rust and it is a little brittle.  Knives made of 440stainless should not be used for prying. As a main knife, I prefer to wear a medium size blade, solidly constructed with a portion of the blade serrated. This serration allows easier cutting of heavy rope. Other options available in dive knives include ground in line cutters and a solid metal butt on the backend of the handle to use as a tap hammer. I also wear a small sharp back up knife attached to the side of my gauge console. Other divers wear both knives on their legs or mount the back up knife to their buoyancy compensator. As aside note, many wreck divers choose to attach their leg mounted knives with the use of surgical tubing. By doing so, they simply pull the knives up their leg to the predetermined location and do not have to fumble with small buckles when suiting up. Others glue neoprene knife pockets onto their suits. I happen to enjoy the new elastic straps and quick release buckle connections that are now on the market. The main important adaptation that must be preformed to some store bought knives is that a diver's knife should be very sharp at all times. This is because in and around shipwrecks, we encounter monofilament lines, discarded penetration lines, anchor lines, and other nets and ropes of all sizes. Each of these could be potentially hazardous if entanglement occurred, and a good sharp knife will assure us an easy escape. A back up knife serves the same function in the case when a main knife is lost or cannot be easily reached.

One way to sharpen your knife is to simply buy a good cross hatched fine metal file from any hardware store. Don't try to get a perfect edge; simply file both sides and leave the ragged razor-like burr on the edge. It's this burr that will slice through rope better than a honed blade. The one down side to sharpening in this manner is that the knife will dull rapidly, so sharpening will be necessary fairly often. I recommend sharpening before each day of diving. Other more sophisticated sharpening methods include honing or stone sharpening.
  OMS Dive Knife and Cutting Tools
The OMS® pure Titanium knife has a high visibility, easy to grip orange handle (4" long), incorporates a sharp 3.25" serrated and standard cutting blade, requires absolutely no corrosion maintenance, is very light weight and non magnetic. The slots located in the high impact plastic sheath can be utilized for mounting on webbing.

This knife is the ideal solution for Special ops where a non-magnetic cutting tool is mandatory.

  Oceanic Dive Knives

Oceanic Knives The Ultimate dive tool, Try the Blade if you're looking for a competitively priced knife with enough heft to get the job done. The Blade knife has a medium sized blade and a uniquely contoured handle for an easy grip.
Oversized hilt protects your hand from sliding onto the blade
Solid stainless steel blades feature razor-sharp smooth and serrated cutting edges
Available in a sharp or blunt tip
Stainless steel butt plate for signaling
Includes sheath designed with a quick release for one-handed operation and leg straps


Mares Scuba Equipment




Dive Rite scuba equipment

K-6 Stainless Steel Knife

Scuba Pro scuba equipment

TUSA H-1 Dive Knife

Product Description:
*The first stainless steel dive knife guaranteed not to rust *Compressed high density H-1 stainless steel for a superior cutting edge *Disassembling capability for easy cleaning and maintenance *Includes a serrated edge plus a line cutter *Two depth compensating leg straps *Sheath lock button holds the knife securely in place, then releases at a touch *Easy to-adjust buckle and strap allow for a comfortable fit *BLADE LENGTH: 5 3/8 *OVERALL LENGTH: 10 1/2 *COLOR: Black or Gold * FULL MANUFACTURER´S WARRANTY *SCUBA diving equipment


Ocean Master Stainless Dive Knife

  • Ocean Master Stainless Steel knives are made of the rarer beta alloy, whose tighter molecular structure provides the greater strength required for cutting.
  • The high abrasion resistant, stay-sharp stainless steel edge moreover is rust free, a guarantee high carbon stainless steel knives cannot make.
  • Ocean Master's Auxiliary Locking System (ALS) improves knife sheath design by incorporating a secondary lock to help prevent costly knife loss.
  • The stainless steel comes in three different types of blades double edges, single edge, and blunt tip.
  • Blade Length - 129mm - 5 inches

Product Description
Product Description:
Today Ocean Master has elevated the standards of titanium to ultra-high hardnesses without the brittleness. An advanced process of custom formulating stainless steel specifically for knives results in previously unattainable levels of strength, hardness and abrasion resistance. Now built to meet even the high standards of military specifications, Ocean Master custom-formulated stainless steel knives can handle all the cutting you need to do.
Innovative Sea Snips Cutting Tool
Product Description:
Use these great cutters for fishing line, leader, or anything you need a knife for. Includes sheath


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