DEAUVILLE INN New Jersey Beach Diving Guide for scuba divers.
The complete scuba divers beach diving guide to New Jersey's shipwrecks, jetties and inlets complete with driving directions.

DIRECTIONS: (Strathmere, Cape May County) Take the Garden State Parkway to Exit 17, Sea Isle Blvd. Stay on Sea Isle, Rt. 625 to Landis Ave and turn left. Landis will turn into Common Wealth Ave. The Deauville Inn will be on the left side just before the bridge.


Located in Strathmere, a stones throw from Ocean City is the Deauville Inn restaurant. The dive area received its name from the restaurant, which is the only noticeable land mark near Corson's Inlet.

This dive site received its name from the restaurant. Photo by Dolores Rothweiler.


Currently Corson's Inlet is considered closed to navigation, although you get an occasional boater attempting to traverse the area.

The area is well known for recovering bottles and is considered the premier bottle dive of south Jersey. Bottles are easily recovered and many times are above the sand. After a quick survey of the area if you don't locate any bottles on top of the sand, just pick an area and start fanning. At times divers will find bottles in piles, but sometimes you have to move frequently and dig to find anything. According to diver Dave Keller, bottles recovered here date back from the mid 1800's to the prohibition era. Divers have also recovered jewelry, coins, china, and silverware at the site.

The marine life at the site is abundant and includes lobsters, crabs, flounder, skates, shrimp, coral, mussels and clams. Depth ranges from ten to 25 feet with visibility between two and 20 feet. The best time to dive this site is during high slack and in the winter, spring or fall. Dave also tells us that the currents and summer boat traffic are the area's main hazards.


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