New Jersey Beach Diving Guide
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The complete scuba divers beach diving guide to New Jersey's shipwrecks, jetties and inlets complete with driving directions.

DIRECTIONS: (Point Pleasant, Monmouth County) Take the garden State Parkway to Exit 98, Rt. 34 South. Take Rt. 34 straight through two traffic circles. After the second circle get on Rt. 35 South. After crossing the Manasquan River bridge get over into the left lane and follow the signs for "Broadway Beach Area." You will make a left side "U" turn, then a quick
right onto Broadway. Once on Broadway the you will see a small parking lot
the left. The dive site is located directly across from the 7-ll convenience store on Broadway in Point Pleasant.

The Railroad Bridge is a great dive for both beginners and experienced alike. Photo by Daniel Berg.



The Manasquan River Railroad Bridge in Point Pleasant is a great dive for both beginners and experienced alike. This site offers depths up to 25 feet and consistent diving conditions. You can almost always depend on calm and clear water.

The dive site can be divided into two sites. Identified by either the bayside and oceanside of the railroad bridge. On the bayside divers often observe seashores, eels, sponges and fluke. On the oceanside where there is a current, bluefish, fluke and stripped bass can be found. Around the railroad bridge itself are the remains of the original railroad bridge that collapsed into the river over 100 years ago.

 The original bridge was built out of red brick from the Joseph Brick foundry (Bricktown, NJ, was later named after Joseph Brick). Some of the recovered brick still has the family shield on it. This dive site is also known as Gull Island County Park. It is recommended to dive here at slack tide, preferably high slack. The bottom is sand and mud. Please also note the boat traffic and dive safely. As a side note two portholes have been found while diving this site. This may indicate that a wreck is in the area. Captain Kevin Brennan reports that off Gull Island Park in 15 feet of water are the remains of old pilings and timbers from a wreck. Howard Rothweiler reports that many round bottom bottles have been recovered from this site. These bottles may be from one of the sailing vessels that docked in the area due to deep water or they may have come from people on the train, discarding them through a window as they rode along. Howard also reports that several large propellers and a brass rudder were recovered from the area.

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