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A wetsuit keeps you warm by insulating the thin layer of water between your body and the suit. Your own body heat warms this water which results in you staying warm for a longer period of time.
Wet suits should fit snugly so the least amount of water as possible circulates. Water circulating carries body heat away and results in rapid cooling.
For warm water diving a thin suit or shorty may be all that required. For cold water a thicker suit, hood, boots and gloves make all the difference in the world. Some wet suits come in a Farmer John style pants which looks like overalls and adds neoprene thickness and therefore warmth to a divers thoracic area.  
Most wet suits come with some form of knee pads.Knee pads which add considerable life to most suits. Material options such as nylon coated neoprene or plush lining make sliding into the suit a bit easier. Below you will find a wide variety of wet suit manufacturers. I would recommend comparing all options as well as price before deciding on which suit to purchase. Many full service dive shops have rental wet suits which is a good way to test the suit in the planned environment before purchase. This way you know if that stock size fits and if the suit will keep you warm enough.
  Oceanic Wet Suits

Oceanic Wet Suits The Farallon 7.0 provides warmth, protection, and freedom of movement in a stylish back-zip design. Micro-Plus Titanium lining and semi-dry seals are featured for increased warmth.
Glued and stitched 7mm Micro-Plush Titanium lined neoprene through the torso
5mm neoprene extremities keep divers warm while allowing for greater range of motion
Skin-in wrist seals
Telescoping neck seal with closure
Zippered ankles with a specially designed water lock-out membrane
Tough outer nylon lining and Plastisol knee and shoulder pads decrease damage from abrasion

  Mares Wetsuits
Extremely flexible suits for diving in all temperature and conditions. These are the most complete and most comfortable suits available on the market today.

  Scubapro Wet Suits
This new steamer is a real answer to the truly demanding diver, because is it the only suit offering our new and exclusive Hydro Seal. It consists of fluid rubber on the outside over stitching and is virtually indestructible and stops any water flow. In addition, stitching is protected from potential unraveling. We are enthusiastic about offering this new technology in the market and are confident in its high performance.

Sea Quest scuba equipment

Aeroskin California - wetsuits


Body Glove - wetsuits


Aqua Lung /US Divers scuba equipment

Action Plus  manufacture of wetsuits Lomo Wetsuits and Watersports   Manufacturer of wetsuits and watersports products.   Bare Sportswear Corp  wetsuits and drysuits Camaro Erich dive suits

Links to other scuba wet suit manufacturers

Divex - gas filling, suits
Genesis SCUBA - full line
O' - wet/dry suits
O'Three - custom wetsuits
Ocean Quest - BCs, wetsuits, hoods

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