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Twin Jet Adjustable
The type of fins you pick must match the type of diving you do. If you dive in cold water, you'll be wearing a lot more gear than if you only dive in the Caribbean. The added equipment creates drag, which requires a larger, stiffer fin.
There are many styles of fins on the market including full foot fins and fins with heel straps Full foot fins are worn like shoes. These are used in warm water when no wet of dry suit boot is needed. With heel strap fins, only the front two-thirds of your foot goes into the fin, and a heel strap holds your foot in place. Heel strap fins require booties to be worn to obtain a proper fit. Heel strap fins are used by cold water divers. Some fins have a vents on the blade. These are designed to allow water to pass through the vent when kicking for added stability.

  OMS Fins
The OMS ® Thrust ™ fin is specifically engineered to fit dry suit boots and for 2005 has been re-engineered with a new distortion resistant Monoprene blade with higher durometer for significantly increased propulsion. OMS® Spring heel straps come in sizes S, M, L, and XL to insure proper fit and help eliminate excessive coil expansion and entanglements! The springs expand and contract to automatically adjust and compensate for expansion and compression of the divers dry suit boot. The 4.5” Achilles rubber pad provides unprecedented comfort in the heel area and aids in donning and doffing of the fin
  Mares Fins
Long finning action without exertion. Ideal for warm-water and tropical diving, wet suits or dry suits.
  Scubapro Fins
Twin Jet Fins, Adjustable

Like the tailfin of a Humpback whale, SCUBAPRO's Twin Jet Fin uses a split hydrofoil shape to deliver more forward motion with less effort. A whole lot more kicking power with a whole lot less effort and drag: check out a Humpback, its "twin jet" tail can lift a mega-ton! As a result, our Twin Jet Fin is the fastest fin ever tested.
  Apollo Fins
Not all split fins are equal. Apollo was the first to visualize and introduce the split fin technology to the diving public. There are now more than a dozen alternative split fins on the market. Look closely before you decide. While some are produced with a plastic rubber compound, the Apollo Bio-Fin series is the only split fin produced with 100% rubber
  Zeagle Fins
The Teleoz Fins are a unique design. They are incredibly light weight, very comfortable to wear, have flexible sizing.
You can't find a better fin for travel– they'll fit in a small bag. Using these fins and an Escape or Zena BC, we can get a full featured diving system for warm water travel into a package the size of a large briefcase that weighs less than 15 lbs

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